Paphos Park Run Registration

Paphos Park Run is not associated with 'parkrun' or any other similar series.

First Sunday of Every Month at 8:00 a.m.

Please fill in as many details as possible, and then click on "Submit". Items marked with * are required.

When you click on 'Submit', if you have entered all required details, you will see a "Send E-Mail" link, which will open your e-mail programme with an e-mail already filled in for you to send to us. We do it this way because we do not want to store any personal information online until we are certain that we can comply with all internet security and privacy requirements.

If the link does not appear, check that you have filled in all items marked * and that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

We will either reply by email with a barcode for you to print and bring with you, or else have the barcode available for you to collect at the Park Run start.

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Terms and Conditions:

I acknowledge that participation in Paphos Park Run is entirely at my own risk. The organisers do not grant me any permissions and are not liable for any injury, loss or damage.

I accept that I have no right of way over anyone else using the course, whether or not they are taking part in Paphos Park Run.

I understand that children under 11 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult before, during and after the run, and that children under 4 years may not take part at all.

I agree to obey any instructions given at the pre-run briefing.